An Introduction to The Force Project

A 2 minute introduction to the functionality and goals of The Force Project.

About Us

Gone are the days of running web-apps and reading complex 3rd-party documentations just to add remote control functionality.

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How we got started

The Force Project was envisioned and developed to be a tool to give anyone and everyone access to an incredibly easy to use, drag and drop framework to add wireless capabilities to their personal projects. In doing this, we realised the potential of our project and pushed forward to make it even more seamless and give your final product a professional touch.

With our product, we do not want a seperation between us and our customers, which is why we are more than happy to take suggestions and constructive critisism to further improve the Force. This includes suggestions for new tiles, features, and most importantly, bugs.

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Jordan Lewis

Founder & Creator

Studying Computer Science at UNSW on the Co-op Scholarship. Co-Founder and Senior Software Developer for Handpic'd. Focus is in iOS application development, but branches in Raspberry Pi with Python and 3D Modelling & Printing.


Joshua Agostino

Graphic Designer

Amateur in graphic design, however maintains professional work ethic and specialises in pixel perfection. He hopes to rule the world someday, but he has to learn his rights and lefts first.
Accepts food as payment.



The User

You are the user, the person that dreams up of the infinite potential of the Force. You create innovative projects we have never dreamed of before. You are the core of the Force, without you the Force will not be what it is.

Innovative Design

The innovative tile design allows near infinite customisation making the Force a true drag & drop solution for adding High-Speed remote control and/or communication to your personal projects.

Fully modular

Simply drag & drop the tiles to create your controller. Resize, and customise the look and feel of the tiles to suit your needs.

Countless Controllers

Create as many controllers as you want. There are no limits to what you can make with the Force.

Super fast

Built on top of the TCP/IP protocol there is little overhead in communication performance allowing for instant data transmission.

Powerful tiles

Each tile is a fully customisable UIKit object allowing for native performance. There are also additional tiles and more to come.

Numerous Tiles

There are currently 15 unqiue tiles to choose from, with more to come! Each tile with its own documentation.

Sharing & Community

The Force app allows sharing of controllers so more people can enjoy the joy of creating something.

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Fun Facts

7605 Total minutes coding
8032 Handwritten lines of code
63 Handmade files of code
263 Git commits

Use the Force Anywhere

The Force app was designed from the ground up to be extremely flexible and customisable for many use cases.

Force for Personal Projects

Why write your own native app for use some slow and complicated web-based control system when you can quickly and easily create a native controller with instant data transmission over TCP/IP using the Force app?
The Force is so versatile that it can be used for almost any personal project, whether it be robotics or connected home.

Force for Primary Education

Get your students quickly engaged with the possibilities of technology using the Force. Setup fun robots and Force powered toys to interactively teach students the basics of a user interface and possibly even programming with Python.

Force for Secondary Education

Practically teach your students about data types, control structures, user interface design, 3D Printing, robotics, electronics and more with the Force. Setup base simple robotics base kits and get your students to create their own robot from scratch, this is a very fun and interactive way of learning and will appeal to many students interested in technology.

Force for University

Use the Force as a quick tool for easily adding remote control to a project or assignment that has Wi-Fi capabilities. Maximise the time you spend on actual algorithms rather than creating a remote control app and server.

Force for Businesses

Quickly prototype and test user interface designs for new toys or products, or even release a new product and a controller file so that it can be controlled using the Force app. Force also removes the need for creating custom apps for toys and provides a centralised location to store all Force enabled toy controllers to the users.

Awesome Projects

Here are some of the greatest projects which use the Force that have been shared with us. Click on one of them to view a tutorial and be inspired.

To view all Force related Instructables, click here.

*If you are creating an Instructable for a project incorporating the Force, please be sure to tag it with TheForceProject tag.

The Drogerdy

A remote controlled, 3D Printed Tankbot controlled by a Raspberry Pi. It has a webcam which outputs a MJPEG stream which is viewed on the Force app alongside the controls so you don't have to see the robot to control it.

Learn more

An Electronic Skateboard

An iPhone controlled electronic skateboard, so that you don't have to carry a seperate remote for the eBoard.

Learn more

Frequently Ask Questions

Some commonly asked questions about the Force Project, including the app and the Python Server.

What is the Force project?

The Force Project is an an app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and at the moment a Python companion server, which together will make it super easy to add fast, native remote controllability to any personal electronics project. The goal of the Force Project is to make the wireless control of robots, etc very easy to do and to spread the joy of creating something new. We believe the Force can suit many fields, but in particular in the Secondary Education field, where new, practical, and interactive methods of learning about technology is always sought after.

Is Force Free?

The Force app is not likely to be free, but we will provide discounts to bulk educational purchases. Price TBD

I would like to request a new tile/feature.

Great! Please contact us using the form below or by emailing us here.
Please include the following for a tile:

  • The name of the tile.
  • A brief description of the tile in terms of its looks and customisability.
  • Its acceptable inputs/outputs.
  • Why this tile we should add it. (Just a brief justification is enough)

Please include the following for a feature:

  • A brief desciption of the feature.
  • Why it is we should add it. (Just a brief justification is enough)
  • What was missing (if applicable).

You don't have to put too much detail into the request, but more is generally better.
We appreciate your support for the Force Project and hope that our implementation of the tile is what you wanted and will benefit everyone.

Which version of iOS do your apps support?

The Force app supports iOS 8.0 and above on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

What can the Force Server run on?

The Force Server is written in Python, and hence is platform independent. The only requirements being, that the computer be somehow connected to a Wi-Fi network and be capable of running Python v2.7+. We highly recommend using Raspbery Pis, as it is a great DIY platform which supports connecting to a network via either Ethernet or Wi-Fi and runs Python v2.7+.

What languages are available?

Currently, the only supported language is English, but most of the content is designed to be intuitive and self-explanatory so only a very basic understanding of English is necessary to use the app.

Can you feature my project?

We are actively checking out new projects on Instructables with the tag TheForceProject and will find the best documented and most interesting, innovative projects and feature them on our website. In addition to this, you can email us a link to your project here on Instructables and we will be happy to review it.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

Use the Contact Us form below or email us here.

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